Crow family survives crash, girl saved mom’s life

Posted at 6:49 PM, Dec 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-18 00:15:20-05

A Crow couple is taking care of four children after a crash on Highway 87 between Lodge Grass and Crow Agency, three weeks ago.

The kids’ clothes were covered with broken glass and no longer wearable.

The family took a shopping trip to Billings for new clothes.

“They call Becky Auntie Mom and the call me Uncle Dad,” Albert Gros Ventere said about what the kids call his wife and him.

The Gros Venteres are the legal guardians of the four children.

Three of the children along with their mother survived a roll over crash.

“I seen my mom laying down on the road and I seen that she wasn’t breathing and so that’s what I did, got my hands together and started hitting her on chest,” Jada, 9 said.

“She must’ve thought she was doing CPR and then mom gasped for air,” Gros Ventere said. “Not only did she save her life, but looking out for her two siblings.”

And the children take care of each other.

“Jade Lynn is the younger girl,” Gros Ventere said. “She told the older sister, let’s buckle ourselves in and it wasn’t too much longer thereafter they got into an accident.”

“I seen that were upside down and I had to crawl out of my seat belt,” Jada said. “Had to look around the car to find my little brother, where he was. “

All the children came out of the crash with no injuries and their mother is expected to fully recover.

For now, they are part of the Gros Ventere family.

“They do an amazing job of taking care of each other,” Gros Ventere said.

“Nice that they’re taking care of us,” Jada said about her Aunt and Uncle.

The Gros Venteres also have a 15-year old son.

Gros Ventere says his co-workers helped with the paying for the clothes and others have also contributed.

Reporting by David Jay for MTN News