Gun stolen from unlocked car in Gallatin County

Posted at 3:30 PM, Dec 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-19 18:43:28-05

BOZEMAN – Last week there were several car break-ins in Gallatin County, and this week it continues.

One of the thefts from last week included a gun, and Tuesday morning another gun was stolen from an unlocked car.

Law enforcement encourages everyone to make sure their vehicles are locked when they leave them, especially if there’s a firearm inside.

“We’re in Montana and there’s a lot of vehicles that have weapons in them. We just want to reiterate that if you do have a weapon in your car, number one, hide it,” said Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin. “Put it in a glove compartment, put it underneath the seat, or something like that. Secondly, make sure the vehicle is secure so that way we don’t have any guns out with people that are breaking into cars. That’s the last person we want having weapons.”

Sheriff Gootkin says even though people may be concerned about a gun being stolen, there is no threat to the public.

These cars that have been broken into have been unlocked, and some are unlocked with the keys in them.

Reporting by Emma Hamilton for MTN News