Montana Wilderness Association offers winter hiking opportunities

Posted at 2:21 PM, Jan 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-08 18:34:52-05

If winter has you feeling cooped up, the Montana Wilderness Association is looking to get you out.

The MWA is hosting its winter adventure kickoff Tuesday evening from 6-8 at the Dark Horse Hall in the Celtic Cowboy.

This is the 16th year the MWA has organized the Winter Walks program to encourage enjoyment of winter recreation.

The island range chapter based in Great Falls will offer nine guided hikes for people of almost any experience level in the Little Belts, Big Snowy Mountains, Judith Mountains and along the Rocky Mountain Front.

Tuesday’s kickoff will provide an overview of area hikes and a presentation on proper winter hiking gear and preparation.

MWA board member Andrew Stucker said the hikes are a good way experience wilderness close to Great Falls with great people.

“Growing up I had plenty of opportunities hiking with my grandparents, but we never went snowshoe hiking and it’s a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it,” said Stucker who has followed and lead winter walks. “You get to see the land in a way you’ve never seen it before and it’s backcountry areas so you normally don’t get to see them. It’s not like skiing, where it’s already groomed and you kind of get used to what you’re seeing, this is all new, everything’s changing with each passing year so it’s a lot of fun.”

If you don’t have snowshoes there’s no need to worry because MWA will provide them.

You must register for hikes ahead of time because space is limited. You can register by visiting the MWA website.

MWA winter walks occur in all of their regions spanning the entire state.

Reporting by Joe Huisinga for MTN News