North Dakota family is reunited with their dog after it goes missing in Havre

Posted at 6:20 PM, Jan 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-09 20:27:57-05

HAVRE – After a happy holiday spent in Montana, a North Dakota family ran into trouble in Havre on their way home.

Shandra Jaquith and her family spent Christmas in Kalispell and on the way back to Williston, North Dakota, they stopped for dinner in Havre.

Shandra let their dog out to use the bathroom, but the beloved blood hound named Lou, slipped out of her collar and ran away.

They spent the night in Havre searching for Lou but were unsuccessful in catching her.

The family had to return home to North Dakota because Shandra had to work later that day.

Shandra then got in contact with Kimberly Federspiel, who is the president of the Havre Animal Shelter. Kimberly is also the wife of Havre Animal Control officer, Pete Federspiel.

Shandra has two daughters who were completely devastated that Lou was not home with them.

Shandra said, “First off, we were really upset that she was gone in the first place. But, my heart just broke because I was worried that we were never going to catch her or that she would get hit by a car. I thought this was going to end poorly.”

The entire community of Havre came together and many people in Havre would feed and see Lou from time to time but every time she was approached, she would just run away again.

Shandra added, “There was so many people looking out for her and just you know, giving me updates if they’d see her. I was five hours away, there was nothing I could do. But everybody, you know kept an eye on her and made sure, putting food out for her so she wasn’t hungry. I mean everybody helped so much and I just appreciate everybody.”

After a week and a half Lou was found on Friday, January 4 and was reunited with her family that weekend.

Shandra wants to give a huge thank you to Kimberly and Pete for helping catch her as well as taking care of Lou until she could drive back to Havre. She also wants to thank Andrea Stidham, a Havre resident, for quick thinking and catching Lou.

Reporting by Kasey Herman for MTN News