Hundreds gather in Bozeman to join national Women’s March

Posted at 4:26 PM, Jan 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-21 18:40:52-05

BOZEMAN – Hundreds gathered at 8th and Babcock Saturday to join the nationwide 3rd Annual Women’s March.

Sharon Muldoon awaited the beginning of the march standing next to her wife holding a sign that reads ‘our minds, our bodies, our power’. For her, this day isn’t about just women, but equality in general.

“Equal rights, equal pay, equal government,” said Muldoon. “I think it is about everybody and women are standing up and talking and speaking but we are speaking for everybody.”

The theme of this year’s march was Admire, Inspire and Motivate. Hundreds chanted as they waved their signs and marched to Montana State University to hear speeches.

Bozeman High School Freshman and member of the Crow Tribe Florence Doyle was one of the speakers to take the stage. As she reflected on her ancestors difficult but inspiring heritage, she made a call to action for all young women.

“Today I want to encourage all of the young women here to be on the lookout,” said Doyle “Let’s guard our minds and ignite our ambition. Let’s be careful we don’t just end up watching videos about other young women warriors. Let’s take up our protector’s heart and become the girls other people make videos about. Let’s make our own DIYs with our own solutions to real problems. Most importantly, let’s find what matters in our world and protect it.”

As soon as Doyle finished, she walked away from the podium with a smile as the crowd was overtaken by loud applause.

Reporting by Mederios Babb for MTN News