Missoula party supplier gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday

Posted at 2:12 PM, Jan 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-31 18:43:11-05

MISSOULA – The are less than 100 hours until Super Bowl 53 kicks off, and if you’re not ready yet, it’s time to get there. After all, the big event comes with a lot of preparation.

Super Bowl Sunday is much more than just watching the biggest football game of the year. If you’re hosting a party or heading to one, you better make sure the way you decorate and the way you dress matches the occasion.

Missoula’s Party America Operations Manager, Neil Caselton says his store is a go-to for Super Bowl décor.

“We have plates and napkins that have the Super Bowl logo, we also have a balloon that has the Super Bowl logo on it,” Caselton said. “We have balloons that are team specific.”

He says there are a few items that are going fast.

“We have a new cup this year that features both teams on the same cup, so we’ve sold quite a few of those, and there are the plates and napkins that are team-specific.”

Caselton says this year’s New England/Los Angeles matchup isn’t the ideal scenario for a big-selling year, but says people always find a reason to watch the big game.

“It’s always a little bit better when we the Super Bowl has teams that are from the region, your Seattle, your Denver, your Minnesota. It might be just rooting against a certain team because they’re tired of watching them win their division, and they don’t like them.”

Hmmm, I wonder which team he’s talking about?

“And once you’ve purchased all of your party supplies, you just have one decision left. Are you going to be that obnoxious fan that shows up to the party, or are you going to be a little more calm. For me, I prefer being kind of low-key.”

Caselton says Party America will have Super Bowl decorations ready to go through Sunday.

-Russ Thomas reporting for MTN News