Helena plumbers receiving more calls for frozen pipes

Posted at 6:54 PM, Feb 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-18 20:54:30-05

HELENA – Winter weather lingering this season is causing many residents dealing with the unexpected inconvenience of frozen pipes. The “danger zone,” for pipes to freeze is between 20 and 0 degrees.

Temperatures can quickly shift leaving frozen water in pipelines that will then suddenly warm up, resulting in potential flooding.

There are ways to take precaution, closing all doors and windows and keeping a sink low-running, leaving the faucet open to keep water flowing.

Dour Dronen, Service Manager at Big Sky Heating and Plumbing said, “being just a little bit preemptive on looking at your house and making sure that things are closed up can prevent a lot of problems,” said Dronen.

A primary key to keeping your pipes flowing is being conscientiousness of rapid weather changes.

Dronen continued, “80 percent of our freeze-ups are kind of common sense situations. If people take the time to look around and know that the cold weather is coming in and do some checking what’s around the house and what’s going on they can prevent a lot of their freeze-ups.”

The American Red Cross also gives informative information about how to prevent your pipes from freezing; remove, drain and store any hoses used outdoors, indoors. Open kitchen and bathroom cabinets to let the heat form around inner plumbing, add insulation to basements, floor boards and any open crawl spaces.

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