Lewis and Clark Co. advises caution on county roads during storm

Posted at 5:01 PM, Feb 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-25 23:17:02-05

HELENA-Lewis and Clark Co. is urging residents to use caution on county roads during the severe storm hitting the area Monday.

County Communications and Outreach coordinator Jeni Garcin says there are seven plows taking care of county roads from the North Valley out to communities like Lincoln and Augusta.

Garcin says, “This is just not Helena Valley, this is across the county; they’ve got a lot of blowing drifting snow, in Augusta and Wolf Creek. Lincoln is also having heavy winds that are causing a lot of drifting so the drivers are out there working hard, long, hours, working really hard to keep these roads open, know that they’re getting there, know that they’re getting these roads plowed and that they’re doing the best they can and that they’ll get to the small roads as they’re able.”

Garcin says county plow drivers are working on the busiest county roads first and will move to the smaller side streets once they are caught up. The county says people who don’t need to be out during the storm should avoid driving.

Residents are also asked to not shovel snow from driveways into the street. Garcin says it can create hazardous uneven conditions for plows and other vehicles.