Stevensville digging out from over 2 feet of snow

Posted at 3:29 PM, Feb 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-27 17:56:38-05

STEVENSVILLE – Everyone has been digging out in Western Montana with the aftermath of one of the biggest snow events in the last five years.

That’s especially true in Stevensville, where they were buried by more than two feet of snow. The town was pummelled with 26 inches of snow – and it wasn’t all fun on Tuesday’s snow day.

“What have I been doing today? Shoveling, Lots of shoveling,” resident Lani Powers said.

City snow plows were in full swing with Mayor Brandon Dewey saying the highest priority is clearing paths for essential services – like fire, ambulance and police.

“We are seeing unreal amounts of snow. It’s hard because we had snow already on the ground before this storm came.” Mayor Dewey said. “We had some piles of snow throughout the city and now we have that much more to add.”

Stevensville Snow Plow
The town of Stevensville was slammed with 26″ of snow from our most recent storm. (MTN News photo)

It’s not just sidewalks and roadways residents are worried about – it’s also the tops of building Some workers spent over six hours removing the almost 2½ feet of snow to protect the infrastructure of one local building.

With all the snow there’s not a whole lot of places left to push it. The berms on Main Street have doubled in size, which can make for some dicey driving.

The storm  left its mark in Stevensville – leaving behind piles of snow – along with mixed emotions.

“I think it’s horrible and it needs to stop. It’s messing up my car. It’s messing up my commute,” resident Tara O’Brien told MTN News. “I really want it to be summer.”

“You have to find happiness in the snow – otherwise you’ll have less happiness and the same amount of snow,” said fellow Stevensville resident Cole Hudson.

That’s exactly what Cole did, spending the day whipping around on his snowmobile – while also helping residents shovel their driveways.

And for some – that’s exactly what a snow day in a small town is all about – neighbors helping neighbors!

“This is the best town ever. We’re outside shoveling – shoveling the trucks out and there’s a guy with a tractor – he just comes over scoops you out!” Powers said “It’s just – the love of a small town is awesome. I love Stevensville.

Students headed back to class on Wednesday after getting two days off from school thanks to the heavy snowfall.

Reporting by Kent Luetzen for MTN News