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Carroll College opens Simperman Learning Center

Posted at 9:51 PM, Apr 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-02 00:26:42-04

HELENA – Carroll College’s library is now the most advanced in the state of Montana, according to President John Cech.

He’s talking about the latest addition of the Center for Professional Communication within the library’s Simperman Learning Center.

Donated by Roy and Frances Simperman, Carroll Class of 1962, the latest state of the art study space will boast communication and computer technology, to open up more opportunities for students to integrate what they have learned in the classroom to a wider world

“For instance I just went into the visual graphics room, where I was able to see myself on a screen where I drew on an iPad and it was connected and projected out to the screen,” said student body president Kennedy Bahm. “There is also opportunities for students to do more research connected to other campuses or other databases in the world and bring that back to Carroll College, and into the classroom.”

“Society is changing, the world is changing and our students need to be current with those changes,” added Carroll College President John Cech. “And many of those changes involve the use of the Internet and digital electronics and video, interactive video.”

The center is open to all students.