University of Montana program highlighting Missoula immigrants

Posted at 2:46 PM, Apr 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-02 18:26:16-04

MISSOULA – A survey released last year by the New American Economy and the International Rescue Committee found that Missoula has received almost 200 refugees since 2016, and now a university program is releasing a photo series highlighting some of Missoula’s most interesting immigrants.

The photographs are part of the Franke Global Leadership Initiative program (GLI) through the University of Montana.

GLI’s goal is to help students better understand worldwide issues. This year’s capstone project will highlight about 10 Missoula immigrants and their stories, through student conducted interviews and photographs.

The photos will be on display at Break Espresso through the month of April.

Jordan McCloney, who majors in Anthropology, researched what she calls the refugee crisis during her internship at Soft Landing Missoula, and says this project shows immigrants aren’t that different from other citizens.

“I personally have met with so many people from all over the world. People from the Philippines, from Chile, from Austria, from Iraq and something that I learned is that Missoula is so much more diverse than I thought it was,” McCloney told MTN News.

“We have people from all over the world living here. They’re just all like us, just wanting to work and go to school and have fun on the weekend with their friends and just have a nice life here,” she added.

A presentation about the project will take place on Friday beginning at 5 p.m. at Break Espresso which is located at 432 North Higgins Avenue.

Reporting by Katie Miller for MTN News