Flathead family run medical marijuana testing site – 1 of 4 in the state

Posted at 3:55 PM, Apr 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-24 18:34:06-04

OLNEY – A family-run medicinal marijuana testing facility is the only one of its kind in the Flathead Valley.

Stillwater Laboratories is also one of just four medical marijuana testing facilities in the state.

Director Ron Brost says he started the business with his family and it’s grown quickly since 2016, “three people, very much a small family operation, now we have 14 people on staff.”

Brost has a background in chemistry and every day he and his staff test batches of medical marijuana to ensure there is no contamination and that patients receive medicine with the correct potency.

Brost stresses that medical marijuana testing is a scientific procedure that needs to be done carefully.

“It needs to be tested for potency, so how effective is it, what chemicals and materials are in it. We have to test for contaminants and pesticides especially. Heavy metals and we have to test for micro toxins,” Brost told MTN News.

Nathan Kosted says the team was thrilled to hear the outcome of Senate Bill 265 as they want to ensure the correct and best quality product. The measure makes it so patients no longer need to be tied to one medical marijuana provider.

“The ability for patients to have mobility and access to their medicine, more freely. It was what’s called vertical integration system prior to that which was harder for the patients especially in rural Montana,” Kosted said.

He told MTN News that the change will help patients who are outside of their community or cannot contact their provider access to their medicine.

Stillwater Laboratories offer tours which can be scheduled by calling (406) 881-2019.

Reporting by Maren Siu – MTN News