Road construction in Bozeman, Gallatin County to continue into summer

Posted at 3:44 PM, Apr 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-29 18:37:45-04

BOZEMAN – There are quite a few roads right now that are lined with construction signs and orange cones.

It’s a sight, and a situation, that frustrates drivers trying to get from one point to the other, and it looks like these projects will continue into the summer.

Both the City of Bozeman and MDT say you’re going to be seeing a lot of orange cones and signs on Love Lane right now and for a while.

They do say while these projects are important, you are going to be seeing a bit of a summer slowdown.

“Turning left off of Love Lane onto Huffine is a challenge,” says Craig Walker, engineering project manager for the Montana Department of Transportation.

Driving to work or heading into town, for many, might seem like navigating through construction zone after construction zone right now.

That includes trying to get from roads like Love Lane onto busier roads like Huffine.

“We’re adding a left turn lane off Love Lane onto Huffine Lane,” Walker says. “We’re adding new signals at the intersection to let people in and out.”

Walker adds that’s the point, making routes like this one easier.

But you can expect delays during the summer.

“The bulk of the construction will be done before summer and then we have to wait for the chip seal and the luminaries to get put up and stuff like that,” Walker says. “When it opens up, it’ll be opened up with live signals.”

Bozeman city engineer Shawn Kohtz looks at a map speckled with construction zones in town, both present and future.

While Baxter and Davis Lane will be improved, Baxter has essentially been divided in half.

“It’s one of our most challenged intersections because of the amount of traffic that uses that intersection, so it is going to be a significant upgrade,” Kohtz says.

So, Baxter’s getting a stoplight and a turning lane.

“It’s great timing because we’ll complete this project and then we’ll be moving on to other projects, so it’ll be good to have this route open so people can reroute and use Baxter, in particular. We’re doing significant upgrades on Cottonwood Road as well as Durston,” Kohtz says.

Each project is set to be complete near the middle of July.

In the meantime, Walker says plan ahead and mind the cones and hardhats working behind them.

“Obey the speed limit that’s posted. We have it lowered for a reason, for protection of not only traffic but the people working out here at the same time, and just be patient.”

The city engineer says at any time you can check the Bozeman Street Report online for a constantly updated list of projects across town.

Reporting by Cody Boyer for MTN News