Billings woman details scare of stranger approaching her granddaughter in parking lot

Posted at 2:24 PM, May 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-02 18:24:50-04

BILLINGS- Before Billings police released information about possible abduction attempts at local parks Wednesday, a woman posted a similar incident involving her granddaughter on Tuesday.

Police are still investigating, and they don’t know if the incidents are connected.

Stephanie Little Light wrote about what happened on Facebook, before police sent out a warning about the other incidents.

Little Light and her 3-year old granddaughter, Aiyana, were walking in the Billings West End Walmart parking lot Tuesday, when a man grabbed her granddaughter’s hand and asked if he could help.

Little Light said no and the man insisted.

She immediately put her granddaughter in the car and locked it.

When she turned around, the man was gone.

Little Light says she’s still rethinking the situation.

“Scared and kind of mixed feelings like anger,” Little Light said. “Like I was mad at myself for not responding how I should have, like taking more action. And then I thought I put her in danger.”

Little Light said she didn’t immediately report the incident. She said she went to police after she was the Billings police alert warning of a man who approached children at Optimist Park on separate occasions in mid-April and tried to lure them away.

Reporting by David Jay for MTN News