Helena Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Working Group announce Officer of the Year winners

Posted at 6:49 PM, May 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-06 20:49:20-04

HELENA — Montana Attorney General Tim Fox congratulated two local officers with the “Officer of the Year” award, held at the Mazurek building earlier Monday morning.

The Helena Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (DVSA) Working Group and the Friendship Center were there in honor of the officers.

As the purpose of the award was to recognize those officers whose critical role is focused on serving victims of sexual and domestic abuse.

Brandon Wootan with Helena Police Department was one of the winning recipients, as well as Neil Marks, a Sheriff’s Deputy who both spoke to MTN about what the ceremony meant to them.

Wootan said, “I worked as a Sheriff’s Deputy in Toole County, and I got a lot of special training in this area and it’s been something I’ve been very passionate about and want to continue to get better at it.”

Marks stated, “I would say if anyone has an issue with sexual assault or domestic violence, obviously, we are here to help as an agency; both Helena Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office. There’s a number of resources with Helena area that are very unique and very beneficial.”

Police Officer Wootan has been working Law Enforcement for six years and Deputy Marks for two. Both are driven and unified with the common determination of committing their career path to those affected by sexual and domestic abuse.

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