Gallatin Co. 911 Issue: Bozeman City Manager responds to County Administrator’s letter

Posted at 2:24 PM, May 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-08 17:55:52-04

BOZEMAN – With letters going back and forth between the Gallatin County administrator and Bozeman City Manager — a discussion is now scheduled over issues raised regarding the 911 call center.

City manager Andrea Surratt responded to county administrator Jim Doar’s response to a vote of no confidence made by the local police and firefighters’ unions with a 6-page letter.

In part, Surratt told Doar that the county should listen to both of the unions, siding with them in regards to improving response times and bettering both communication and transparency.

Assistant Bozeman City Manager Chuck Winn says the delays need to be addressed and sending continuous letters between the city and county will not fix the situation.

“In April alone there was an 11-minute delay for cardiac arrest,” Winn says. “18 days later for another medical emergency, there was no dispatch at all and so we are trying to work with the county on these issues to bring resolution to really understand what’s going on there.”

The county administrator also spoke to MTN News, agreeing with Surratt about sending letters back and forth.

Doar says a meeting between him and Surratt has been scheduled for this Wednesday and will be closed to the public.

Reporting by Cody Boyer for MTN News