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Helena High class showcases 3-D printing skills

Posted: 5:34 PM, May 31, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-31 19:34:21-04

HELENA– Helena High School’s welding and drafting instructor, Jake Spearson, invited MTN to witness the end of the course’s 3-D printing challenge on Friday.

Students spent a total of nine rigorous weeks, building their 3-D cars from the ground-up.

The purpose of Spearson’s project was to challenge his students and showcase their knowledge in mathematics, physics and engineering—all with a goal to make the most accurate and quickest time possible.

Winners of the class freshman Lakoda Marcum and junior Koner Schmolke, explained their science behind a win that they told MTN, they “did not see coming.”

“Maker Bot and Inventor, to create the 3-D prints and format them for the 3-D printers…and then filler metals, mouse traps and string, to propel it,” said Schmolke.

MTN also spoke with Helena High junior, Kylie Songer, who explained that this is her third year taking Spearson’s class. “I want to pursue a career in architecture, so, learning all of the drafting tools in this class, is a great way to prepare for that.”

Each class period had a winning team and the final round of winners competed in victors challenge at the end of the school day.