Liberty Fireworks stand will benefit Great Falls man injured while on vacation

Posted at 3:15 PM, Jun 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-28 18:18:25-04

GREAT FALLS – Liberty Fireworks and Great Falls Lithia-Dodge are teaming up this Fourth of July to help Great Falls resident Craig Bimler.

In April, Craig, his wife and his three kids were vacationing in Mexico for his sister’s wedding when Craig was involved with what they call “a traumatic freak accident.”

Craig ran from the beach and dove into the ocean where they believe he hit a sand bar and broke his neck.

From July 2-4, Liberty Fireworks will sell fireworks at Lithia-Dodge, which is located at 3849 10th Avenue South.

Lithia-Dodge will donate fifteen percent of all firework sales to Craig to help pay his medical bills

Lithia-Dodge General Manager Brian Belderrian said, “It’s just the perfect fit that we could have them come on to a piece of our property [and] sell fireworks.”

Brian has known Craig since 2005 when he hired him as a salesman at Lithia-Dodge. Craig is now the general manager at Great Falls Honda.

“We just want to give back and help his family as much as we possibly can right now because they’re just going through something that none of us want to go through,” Brian said. “The mountain’s big, so we want to try and reduce it. I can tell you with going from Mexico to San Diego to now in Colorado, medical bills are extensive, and it’s just more than any family can handle on their own.”

Craig is now at a hospital in Denver where he is in rehabilitation.

To see more events that benefit Craig and to stay updated with his story, you can visit the Facebook page Prayers for Craig.

Vacation accident leaves Great Falls man in critical condition

Reporting by Kasey Herman for MTN News