Billings Mustangs host 100 dogs in Pups in the Park event

Posted at 2:28 PM, Jul 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-03 17:50:46-04

BILLINGS – When the Billings Mustangs took to the field Tuesday evening against the Great Falls Voyagers, they had some extra fan power: 100 furry friends barking them to victory.

Dehler Park hosted its second annual “Pups in the Park” event, where dog owners got a chance to take in a Mustangs game with their four-legged best friend.

“We’re just enjoying a Mustangs game and interacting with other dogs and realizing that it’s a nice community event that we have going,” said Jacob Hellyer, owner of dog Mika.

The event is sponsored by Billings Hardware, the store made sure every dog that walked through the gate got a goodie bag filled with toys and snacks.

Billings dog owners say it’s nice to have a night at the ballpark that’s all for them.

“He’s happy to get out and do stuff with me,” said Ally Cole, owner of dog Decker. “It’s hard to find stuff that you can bring your dogs to. It’s nice to not come home and leave him to go do something, but grab him and take him with.”

Pups in the Park isn’t just a whole lot of fun, it’s also raising money for a cause. All proceeds from the $3 dog admission charge go back to the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.

But there was one catch: In order for your dog to get into the gate, it has to be a Billings Mustangs fan.

“These dogs were born and raised in Billings. What other choice do they got! Go Mustangs,” said Kaitlyn Kirby, owner of dog Aurora.

Maybe it’s because of the furry friends in the stands that the Mustangs beat the Voyagers’ 5-1 in the Tuesday night game.

Reporting by Mitch Lagge for MTN News