Billings police issue fraud alert for recent rash of card skimming

Posted at 1:42 PM, Jul 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-10 17:55:48-04

BILLINGS – The Billings Police Department released new information Wednesday, including identifying three people of interest, in connection with the recent rash of credit card fraud.

“We believe someone is using a credit card skimmer to clone card info and pin numbers. All of the victims so far were still in possession of their cards despite the transactions,” the department said. “The suspect then uses the cloned card at gas station ATM’s to withdraw low amounts. Since the amounts are low, many people may not make a report to police and just protest the charges with the card company.”

Police have identified three people of interest from Florida and believe the groups’ coordinated criminal activity in the Billings area has been disrupted.

Police report they continue to receive reports of fraud and believe there are more cases that haven’t been reported. No arrests have been made.

Police believe the persons of interest recruited locals to withdraw money from ATM’s. As Detective’s continue to investigate and obtain surveillance videos involved with the withdrawals, additional persons involved are likely to be identified.

The BPD asks anyone who has information or may have had contact with the group, including those who may have assisted in withdrawing money from the ATM’s, to contact the investigations division at 657-8473.