Helena First Responders take part in active shooter training

Posted at 6:36 PM, Jul 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-15 18:12:31-04

HELENA— Helena Police and firefighters are learning more about the importance of active shooter safety and how to work together in this potentially dangerous scenario.

On Friday afternoon at Lincoln Elementary School there was an active shooter training course.

Officials portrayed a real-life shooter incident with airsoft pistols, ear plugs, as emergency responders learned how to properly handle rescuing victims from the hypothetical incident and getting themselves and victims out, safely.

Lieutenant Brett Petty and Fire Chief, Ken Wood, spoke with MTN about the importance of the tactical training and operating together as a team.

“The importance of today is the active shooter response training that we’re conducting in-joint with the Helena Fire Department, and we haven’t done a training like this for quite some time and have both agencies involved in a training like this,” said Petty.

Wood agreed stating, “Well, one of the first times in my career we’ve truly worked together in a training like this. We work together on the street a lot…but to actually train together, this is pretty unique, and I think it speaks very highly of both agencies and our ability to work together and meet the needs of the community.”

Adding fire to the potential shooter scenario helped Helena P.D. and the Fire Department understand how each other would respond during the situation and what steps are necessary to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the situation.