Black bear spotted in Bozeman parks euthanized

Posted at 3:02 PM, Jul 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-15 18:14:24-04

BOZEMAN – Those enjoying Bogert or Lindley Park or even Peet’s Hill in Bozeman yesterday may have seen a black bear doing the same.

Unfortunately, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks had to humanely put the bear down.

Viewers sent photos to us yesterday as the bear patrolled Story Street.

It was not his first stroll into town.

FWP officials say the two-year-old male become prone to conflicts with people and livestock since around June 28, when it was seen at a home in the daylight.

Then on July 2, they say the same bear was seen at other homes.

Later that week, the bear was found in a pen with goats and chickens, then chased off by the homeowner with a gun.

Then yesterday, it was found following a woman with her dogs in Lindley Park.

Madison Godfrey, who works at the pool in Bogert Park, saw the bear and called 911.

“Never seen a bear up close and personal so it was probably just 15 feet away from me,” Godfrey says. “It was really close. I was like oh, my goodness. Well, it’s definitely something to keep an eye out because it was pretty crazy.”

Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials say the bear had become too used to humans.

They say feeding wildlife is an offense that you can be cited for and garbage should be kept in a safe, bear-proof location.

Reporting by Cody Boyer for MTN News