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New Helena Middle School students enroll in “Bob Camp”

Posted at 4:40 PM, Jul 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-23 19:37:33-04

HELENA – Helena Middle School’s “Bob Camp” started this week for new students.

“Bob Camp” is a two-week summer school program for sixth-graders who are entering middle school in the fall.

The program is designed for all students.

HMS educators work with students to prepare them for the transition from elementary school into middle school.

Their curriculum covers all the basics, from brushing-up-on mathematics, to learning their future locker combination, to how to transition from one class to the other and adjust to the pace of a bigger school.

Karla Miller, a HMS math teacher said, “Just some fun activities, we do a lot of games with dice and kind of getting their brains back into adding, multiplying, and things along those lines but making sure they understand how much fun math is…”

Miller continued, “Because I’m a math teacher and I truly love math and so we start talking about how important it is to make mistakes and how our brains grow by making mistakes, so we shouldn’t be ashamed of those mistakes or anything along those lines and definitely working on building that growth mindset that we learn by our mistakes, that’s how our brains grow.”

“Bob” is the school’s motto: Being our best, and is in correlation to their mascot, the “Bob Cats.”

Bob camp is by invitation only, however, if students are offered the opportunity and accepted, the program is free-of-charge and lunches are provided.