A new year brings New Year's resolutions

Posted at 5:25 PM, Jan 02, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-03 09:27:12-05

HELENA — Setting New Year's resolutions can be difficult. First off, deciding what they will be, and secondly, sticking to your new goals. MTN spoke with people in Helena to see what they were deciding to change, and what resolutions have already been broken.

Resolutions vary from year to year and from big changes to small steps. For some, their resolutions are more manageable.

“This is kind of a small one, but I'm going to make a dermatology appointment. Haven't done one in a while. I also think maybe going to the dentist, teeth cleaning. So, maybe a little bit of self-care,” said Chris Cordingley.

Others were set on making time for the most important things in life as we step into 2023.

“I've worked hard. I'm 65 years old. And I just need to take more time with the family and the kids and the wife and just work less,” said David Depasquale.

Most folks we spoke to agreed that spending would be more closely monitored after the financial hardships of 2022 due to inflation.

“Oh, I'm definitely spending less money, much more careful with what I spend,” says Depasquale.

“I mean I'm always looking to save more I think would be a good one. And then spend more money in downtown Helena,” says Cordingly.

A study from 2016 showed that of those who make New Year’s resolutions, only 9% felt like they had been true to their goal. Clearly, keeping those resolutions can be a bit of a challenge.

“Right, because we make a resolution with something that we don't normally do or want to do or trying to coax ourselves into doing something. So, they're very easy to break,” says Depasquale.

Some, such as Melinda Timmons who is visiting from Hawaii, try not to make resolutions and instead utilize a different approach.

“As a clinician, I generally find they don't work out for people. So, I take a look with my clients at what they want to leave behind in the old year. And that often helps them get a point of reflection about what's not serving them anymore,” says Timmons.

Whatever your method for change, we can all agree that transitioning can be tough. But without the pain of that growth, succeeding in your resolution wouldn’t be quite so sweet. So, good luck and happy New Year, Helena.