A visit to the Wildlife Museum in Chinook

The Wildlife Museum in Chinook
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Posted at 3:51 PM, Aug 24, 2023

CHINOOK — Reporter Paul Sanchez recently visited the Blaine County Wildlife Museum in the town of Chinook along the Hi-Line. Watch his report in this video:

A visit to The Wildlife Museum of Chinook

William Harbold, Board Of Directors: "The theater closed up and the bank took it in receivership. It was Bank of Montana at that time. We went and asked them if we could have it, and they said, yes, they want to know what for. And we said, For a wildlife museum. There's none of them in the state anymore. And when you come to Montana, besides the scenery, you want to see animals. How many times have you been places to go see an animal? They're not there. Glacier Park. Yellowstone Park."

Allyssa Shane, Tour Guide at The Wildlife Museum: "People come in seven or eight times sometimes because they're bringing their grandchildren or bringing their cousins. Some people bring their cousins from North Dakota who they haven't seen in 60 years and they're like, You have to see this. So it's just really, really interesting to see all those different interactions. And it's just a really tight knit community where we all support each other."

Dawn Colby, Manager of The Wildlife Museum: "The kids are just in awe of it. And I love that because kids really say, Oh, I've seen this, Oh, this is crazy. And then when they come in here, they're just like, Do you see this? Did you look at that? Give you a, oh, my goodness. You know, and the excitement is just even inside of me is being, you know, childlike. This is amazing. This is not something that you see every day."

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