Author dives into the history of Fort Benton

Thomas Francis Meagher memorial in Fort Benton
Grand Union hotel in Fort Benton
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Missouri River in Fort Benton, Montana
Shep the "forever faithful"
Forever Faithful: Remembering Shep
Posted at 7:16 PM, Aug 09, 2023
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When thinking of Fort Benton's history, you might think of the ever-faithful Shep the dog, or the historic Grand Union hotel along the Missouri River, or the mysterious death of former territorial governor Thomas Meagher.

But noted Montana author and historian Ken Robison gives a new perspective with his recently published book, called "The Historic Tales of Fort Benton" (link).

Robison said, "There are hundreds and hundreds of tales over the 175 years. Actually, it's 176 years now that Fort Benton is in existence, and it's the oldest continuously occupied place in Montana."

The 14 chapters explore various aspects of the town's history that dates back well before Montana became the 41st state. It was a time when the rural town was the world's innermost port during the steamboat era.

He explained, "The one thing I'd emphasize and that I enjoyed the most in putting the book together was discovering new material."

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