Billings developer one step closer to bringing 3D-printed homes to town

Billings developer one step closer to bringing 3D printed homes to town
Posted at 6:01 PM, Mar 15, 2023

BILLINGS — While Billings continues to struggle with the availability of affordable homes, using one method to save time and money building may be here sooner: Billings-based contractor Tim Stark is moving closer to bringing 3D-printed homes to Montana.

Stark gained the state's approval to start building homes with 3D-printed walls in 2022. Now he just needs to pick up the printing machine from out of state before building can begin.

“They take about eight months to make, and we get the joy of going down to Florida, picking it up, and bringing it back home,” Stark said Wednesday.

3D printing drastically cuts down the build time, and Stark said using this technology can also cost around 30% less than a traditional home build.

“You’ll see a single-family home, a 2,000 square foot home, [can be completed in] 40 hours or less depending on the temperature and conditions,” Stark said.

Stark gave a presentation at HomeFront, formerly known as the Housing Authority of Billings, in its downtown office about the potential benefits of 3D-printed homes.

“We’re excited about being able to offer a method that will, you know, increase efficiencies and less waste and be a contributor to helping solve the, you know, being able to put out more units in the market,” he said.

He anticipates construction to start on the first 3D-printed home early this summer. He doesn't plan on just building in Billings, either.

“It won’t be limited to just Billings. It will be over in probably Bozeman and there will be some in Missoula possibly,” Stark said.