Bitterroot Warrior Arts offers lessons that mix education with exercise

There are multiple training session times per day plus locations in Stevensville and Corvallis which makes it easy to find a class.
Bitterroot Warrior Arts
Posted at 9:20 AM, Sep 18, 2023

STEVENSVILLE — Kids are learning more than just physical skills at this Bitterroot martial arts dojo. They’re learning the Warrior Way or Bushido.

Sensei Harry Lee started Bitterroot Warrior Arts in 2014 with the idea that kids can learn how to be good people and confident in themselves. “These Bushido virtues talk about integrity, respect, loyalty, honesty, duty, and honor."

He says when kids learn these virtues in the Little Ronins class, they will make the Bitterroot better a better place. Sensei Lee explained, “If you took a handful of those and they are able to take [virtue lessons] home with them they are now responsible [for them]. The way they behave in the dojo [will be] the way they behave out of the dojo. It betters the community.”

His son, Hunter, is an example. Hunter detailed a common occurrence during class to MTN; Sensei Lee would call on kids to explain virtues they are learning. “Sometimes kids say certain things that I’ve never thought of before so I take that with me and I think 'wow that’s actually a really good life lesson',” he stated.

Hunter is following in his father’s footsteps, training to become a black belt one day. He told MTN, “Hopefully I can teach others so I keep that knowledge with me."

Bitterroot Warrior Arts offers a variety of classes in jujitsu, judo, and karate kickboxing at their locations in Stevensville and Corvallis. The curriculum goes from white to black belt.

BWA belts
All kids at Bitterroot Warrior Arts progress through the same lessons to reach the next belt.

Not only do they offer their Little Ronins lessons after school but also mid-day for kids who are home schooled.

“In the Bitterroot Valley especially, there’s this huge mass of home schoolers. And when they come in they just bring a different aura to the class itself,” Sensei Lee shared.

Crystal Elama has been bringing her two boys to Bitterroot Warrior Arts for 3 years. She finds martial arts to be a great activity for her kids.

“I saw it on Facebook one day, and they’re home schooled so I always look for stuff to bring them out and get them out of the house with other kids. They didn’t want to go at first and I made them and they absolutely love it now," Elama explained.

For those interested in signing up, visit the Bitterroot Warrior Arts Facebook page or call/text 406-552-8250.