Boy scouts troop gets hands on aviation experience

Boy scout troop gains aviation experince
Posted at 5:36 PM, Jun 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-15 11:35:23-04

TOWNSEND — Boy Scout Troop 212 got an up close and personal look at what it takes to be a pilot at Canyon Ferry Airport, while also helping improve the airport for the pilots who fly in and out.

From drones, to small aircraft, East Helena boy scouts learned about the fundamentals of flying and careers in aviation outside Townsend.

The Broadwater County airport board, county commissioner, and a representative from the Montana Aeronautics Division were there to support the scouts.

The lesson started in the cockpit of a simulator run by Safety and Education Chief at the Montana Aeronautics Division, Matthew Lindberg.

“Those have simulated flight controls and the kids can learn how the flight controls, control the aircraft in flight, make it climb and descend and turn and experience take-off and landing at the controls,” Lindberg said.

The scouts were then able to put what they learned into practice both on the ground, in the form of a pre-flight checklist, and thousands of feet above the ground by reading aeronautical charts and flight instruments.

Beyond the merit badge they earned, Broadwater County airport manager, Dwight Thompson hopes this will encourage the scouts to explore aviation more.

“I hope these scouts will take an interest in aviation and see that there’s other jobs and careers out there then just being a pilot,” Thompson said.