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Bozeman man accused of stalking laundromat employee

Police say man called employee while at work over the course of a month
Posted at 2:50 PM, Nov 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-27 16:50:30-05

Police in Bozeman say they arrested a man accused of stalking a woman working at a local laundromat.

Court documents show that it all began at the Duds ‘N Suds Laundry, Car and Pet Wash in Bozeman.

Police say a man started calling a woman who was working inside the business.

“It is one of those situations that can make a person feel super uneasy.”

It’s a case that ends in the arrest of Timothy Haman, 33, charged with felony stalking and privacy in communications.

Sgt. Travis Munter says the phone calls started on Sunday, Nov. 8.

“For about a month, she’s received multiple phone calls, many from the same number, some from blocked numbers," Munter says.

Investigators say the calls became unpleasant, forcing her to leave work armed with a stun gun for her own safety.

“Heavy breathing," Munter says. Some were making comments, one in particularly was, you know, 'you look good in there while you are cleaning.'”

Police say the employee did her own investigating.

She was able to track down the suspect’s phone number and when police looked into that number, they were able to track that down to a mobile home across the street.

“He acknowledged that he knew we were there, knocking on his door," Munter says. "He acknowledged knowing why we were there.”

Police eventually tracked Haman to the New World Gulch trail head, where they say he admitted to the acts, saying he was ‘lonely.’

In Gallatin County Justice Court, Haman's past criminal record surfaced.

“Misdemeanor stalking in 2011," said the prosecution. "He has charges out of Idaho and Oregon with no recorded disposition, including felony burglary, misdemeanor trespassing, felony rape and private indecency.”

Haman could face up to five years in prison, if he’s convicted.

Munter says the employee’s vigilance are reminder: be on your guard, no matter what.

“We all should be taking our own personal safety seriously because you just don’t know," Munter says.

Haman’s bail was set at $30,000 and if he posts bond, he is required to wear a GPS monitor at all times.

He also can’t go anywhere within 900 feet of where the employee is located.