Bridger Bowl calls snowfall an opening-day miracle

After a dry season so far, the ski hill received over seven inches of snow, just in time for opening day
Posted at 8:03 AM, Dec 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-11 11:37:03-05

BOZEMAN — That blinking blue light atop Hotel Baxter can mean only one thing—there’s snow at Bridger Bowl. It’s an opening-day miracle!

"El Nino’s are always a little bit interesting for ski areas and I think that’s probably part of why we had the opening that we did," says Erin O’Connor, Marketing and Communications Director at Bridger Bowl.

O'Connor says they were planning for a limited opening day, due to this season’s dry conditions. "We were confident we’d be able to open the quad--the sunny slide lift--which is what we were planning on. But getting that extra snow was just like icing on the cake."

Currently, Mogul Mouse, Sunnyside, and Sun Dog are the only runs open.

"We’re hoping to open more of the mountain as we get more snow and make more snow. We’ve probably done over 400 hours of snow-making so far," says O'connor.

"It had a lot of moisture in it, which is fantastic because it allows for a better base. So, it’s not the light fluffy stuff that everyone loves to ski on but it’s great for a base. So that’s what we need."

But skiers and snowboarders aren’t any less excited about this opening day.

"Absolutely stoked on the turnout. This has been incredible. Way better than expected for sure," says opening day skiers. "From MSU to you--the snow is sweet up here baby!"

Another incentive to head up to Bozeman’s non-profit ski hill--tickets are half price, December 8th through 10th, to account for limited access.