Browning High School choir invited to perform in New York City

Browning Choir
Posted at 3:55 PM, Oct 16, 2023

BROWNING — The Browning High School choir was given the opportunity of a lifetime when they were recently invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Two of the guest conductors at this year’s National Chorus worked with the Browning choir at last year’s Northwest All Stars Choir. They contacted Browning High School and specifically requested they take part in the event.

Browning High School Band Director June Matt and Chorus/Piano teacher Adrien Wagner knew that this was something they had to accept.

“Opportunities like this are pretty rare,” Adrien Wagner, the chorus and piano teacher for Browning Middle and High School said, “I know they're all over, but I feel that these are things that come by very not too often. And with where we come from in our community, any time something like that comes up, we're really thankful for, especially when given the chance to to take part in this.”

Browning High School choir invited to perform in New York City
Browning High School choir invited to perform in New York City

The trip is not until later next year, but Wagner knew that this was going to be no small feat. As of now, the estimated total cost of the trip will be around $32,000, so Wagner has already started a GoFundMe page to raise the money. At this cost, they will be able to comfortably bring about 12 kids and eight chaperones.

“We're hoping that, if we can continue to even make it past that goal, that it's just going to make it easier on the families who are trying to either accompany their child or just send their child off to this,” Wagner said.

In a town like Browning, Wagner is trying to emphasize that music is just as valuable as other activities like sports, and should be pursued by any student who is interested in the art.

“We want to make sure to know that like these accomplishments that our students are accomplishing, including music… brings them to far and away places and gives them many opportunities,” Wagner said.

Special opportunities like this can truly change a child’s life, helping them realize that they can pursue something they’re interested in, even if it is not common in the direct community around them.

“Talented musicians there all over,” Wagner said, “And they like they deserve to have these chances to like, explore that musical world out there.”

If you would like to donate to help fund the trip, click here.