Central Elementary student wins Snack Strong Challenge

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Posted at 5:47 PM, Jan 17, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-17 19:47:46-05

HELENA — On Wednesday, January 17, Central Elementary received a special visit after one of its students won the Snack Strong Challenge.

“The Helena School District's Nutritional Committee decided we wanted to start coming up with a way to encourage kids to bring snacks to the classroom that are not in packages,” said Robert Worthy, the Food Service Manager for Helena Public Schools.

The Snack Strong Challenge was created to encourage more students to prepare recipes at home.

They can submit photos of their dish on Facebook with the hashtag #SnackStrongChallenge.

The winner receives a cooking demonstration for their school.

“To promote this idea, we’re coming and bringing a snack that we’re making here for all the kids in the entire school,” Worthy said.

Elena Ferguson from Central Elementary, won for the November food of the month, apples.

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“I was like apple dip for apples with vanilla yogurt and vanilla,” Elena said.

Wednesday her entire school got to try a new recipe with the food of the month for January, lentils.

“Try new things is something we want the kids to experience. That why today we’re using Mujadara, which is basically a middle eastern dish and instead of using rice which actually using a cauliflower rice. Of course we’re using lentils,” said Worthy.

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“I just hope that everyone can try this cause its tastes really good,” said another Central Elementary student. “I thought it was just delicious. This new taste come it my mouth that I’ve never had before.”

This started with a partnership between Helena Public Schools and the Harvest of the Month program.

The Montana Harvest of the Month program showcases Montana-grown foods in Montana communities.

Each month Carroll College and high school students visit elementary school classrooms to share lessons on the month’s featured food.