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Garden Avenue Greenhouse offers spring garden planting tips

Posted at 3:10 PM, May 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-11 17:10:22-04

BILLINGS - It's the busiest weekend of the season for florists around the country -- Mother's Day weekend.

Garden Avenue Greenhouse shows us those flowers don’t always have to come in a vase.

So whether you've been gardening for years, looking to get started, or-you just want to learn a little bit about agriculture, there may be tools for you at the Garden Avenue Greenhouse.

The greenhouse itself has stood for almost a century and been in the Gayvert family for half of that.

"It smells like spring and it feels like spring, everything's happy. Plants are life," Garden Avenue Greenhouse owner Shelli Gayvert said.

They were deemed essential, due to their agricultural component, so they have remained open.

In light of COVID-19 uncertainty, Gayvert reports there has been an uptick in people purchasing veggies.

"It appears like there's a lot of first-time gardeners this year," Gayvert said, "If you're going to do a garden, start with one tomato, and one cucumber and a couple of peppers and throw them in pots on your patio."

"You need full sun for vegetables,"Gayvert said, "If they produce any kind of fruit like that they need full sun. And we always recommend fertilizing, they're hungry for food. They need fertilizer just like we need food."

She reminds us that we do live in Montana, so bring plants in at night until temperatures rise to protect them from frost and always be mindful of chemicals.

"You have to be careful, because you don't want to hurt the bees because the bees are spreading all the pollen, and spiders are good because they eat the bad things. We're trying to get in our ladybugs this year because they are very ravenous to other bugs, to bad bugs. Very aggressive. Ladybugs are mean," Gayvert said.

Gayvert shared that she hoped her legacy would be, "That this was a fun place to come for old and young alike and just be together,".

By the way, for you procrastinators, they are now open seven days a week.