New Scoop: Billings ice cream truck to be carried on by eager entrepreneur

Posted at 2:52 PM, May 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-25 16:52:31-04


As the sun comes out this week, so too will your neighborhood ice cream trucks.

One local favorite, Bailey's Frozen Novelties, has been giving out smiles for four summers, but when Bailey decided to move south, she needed an heir apparent.

Bailey Scott started Bailey's Frozen Novelties in 2016.

"I just wanted a job with Bailey for the summer," Bailey's Frozen Novelties new owner Kelcey Fleury said.

But Fleury ended up with something even better.

Bailey is hoping to continue her education at a leadership college in Arizona, pursuing a future as a pastor.

"I knew she wanted to have an ice cream shop or coffee shop, and I was like please just let this work out," Bailey's Frozen Novelties founder Bailey Scott said.

Scott started the business as a 19 year old, and knows that the Fleurys will honor and enjoy her creation as much as she did.

"It was so fun, things I never dreamed of, weddings, hot air balloon festivals, being a part of their day in that way," Scott said.

"Kelcey's dad is a firefighter, and he said he thought little boys were excited by the fire-truck, but he got to drive around with her, it's just so fun," Scott said.

"It's so good to just see their faces, we need people in our lives, so as they're letting up just to see people, it's awesome," Fleury said, "Spread some happiness in this Covid world,".

She has some suggestions on how to do that. Two she can personally vouch for.

"I like the Wilcoxson's Huckleberry and I know Bailey's favorite is the cookies and cream," Fleury said.

"I hope people just show her love because she's the best in the world," Scott said.

Fleury says she's going to keep the name Bailey's Frozen Novelties to not confuse anyone.

You can request the truck to come to your neighborhood or find out where they're headed next on their Facebook page.