4 new COVID deaths reported in Cascade County

Posted at 7:48 AM, Nov 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-17 13:02:49-05

The City-County Health Department in Great Falls announced on Monday evening four new COVID-19 deaths in Cascade County since November 13th. There have now been 52 deaths in Cascade County.

The four people were a woman in her 70s, a man in his 70s, a woman in her 80s, and a man in his 80s.

The CCHD on Monday evening also reported 66 new cases, as well as 54 from Sunday, for a total of 3,632 cases in Cascade County.

The CCHD also noted in a news release that as of Monday, November 16th, the number of active COVID cases in Cascade County rose and the number of recovered cases declined significantly on the state map. This change in numbers comes after the Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services performed an operational change over the weekend to their state database, allowing them to pull the data directly from the reporting system.

The CCHD was behind on data entry into the reporting system and is working on catching up. Last week, the CCHD hired and trained additional contact tracers, continued 7-day a week case investigation and contact tracing, and continued entering numbers into the state database. The numbers of recovered cases in Cascade County will continue to rise in the days to come as all the data is entered into the reporting system.


CONTEXT: Not every person who tests positive actually becomes ill or exhibits symptoms. Many do not; of those who do become sick, some experience mild symptoms and do not require hospitalization. Others, however, do require hospitalization, as noted in the daily update on the number of people hospitalized. However, every person who tests positive for COVID-19 has the potential to spread the virus to other people, including family members and friends, which is why public health officials continue to encourage everyone to wear a mask and maintain at least the recommended six feet of "social distance" when in public.

The federal Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) released data in late August which emphasizes that people with contributing or chronic medical conditions are at much greater risk of dying from COVID-19. Click here to read more.

There were 869 new cases and two new deaths added to the total on the Montana COVID-19 tracking site on Monday morning; the data below is from the official Montana website on November 16:

  • CASES & RECOVERIES: 48,027 cumulative cases statewide; 27,496 people recovered
  • HOSPITALIZED: 453 active hospitalizations; 2,066 total hospitalizations
  • ACTIVE CASES: 20,009 active COVID-19 cases in Montana
  • TESTING: 773 new tests; cumulative total 573,334
  • DEATHS: The cumulative number of deaths is now 522

Numbers reported by the state each day occasionally differ from those reported by county public health departments due to periodic lag times in reporting data to the state. We encourage people to check the official website and/or Facebook page of their respective county health department for any information that is not yet included in the state's daily updates. Based on state and county data, MTN News reports the following:

  • Total Cases: 48,723 (+696 from state)
  • Active: 17,834 (-2,175 from state)
  • Deaths: 540 (+18 from state)
  • Recoveries: 30,349 (+2,853 from state)