Bozeman florist starts 'Kindness Blooms' project, nominating 'inspirational helpers' amid pandemic

Posted at 3:11 PM, Apr 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-02 17:11:48-04

Right now, hope is coming in many shapes and sizes, with people doing what they can to spread hope in their communities while not spreading the coronavirus.

To Richelle Koffman in Bozeman, hope is a key word and she’s spreading it in the form of wreaths.

But not making them herself. She’s giving that opportunity to you.

“This is the perfect time to create,” Koffman says.

At the Flower Bar, kindness blooms — literally.

That’s what Koffman hopes for in each bouquet.

“Since we can’t meet in person, I figured let’s bring the creativity and the workshop to someone at home,” Koffman says.

Except spending time with flowers might seem like a tough thing to do when we are spending time indoors.

Not to Koffman.

“It’s springtime,” Koffman says. “We want to see greenery, flowers. The wreath workshop DIY kit is available for a family to get together and learn different types of flowers.”

Do-It-Yourself wreaths, which you can purchase on her website , are available for families to work on at home or even while talking through a screen.

It’s something that Koffman started with her neighbors in mind.

“My neighbors next door, all I want to do is help them by taking their dog out for a walk because they are extremely high risk,” Koffman says. “Everything. They can’t even have anyone deliver to their home and I would just want to decorate their front porch with a wreath.”

Koffman doesn’t stop there.

“I’ve always wanted to spread more kindness,” Koffman says. “So I’ve created this campaign called ‘Kindness Blooms.’”

Nominate someone you find inspirational or kind , whether it’s by picking up someone groceries or finding “creative” ways to flatten the curve.

If you do, they could get free flowers at their doorstep.

“That’s hope,” Koffman says. “You know winter will pass. Spring will come.”

Koffman challenges you to send as many nominations as you can.

For as long as kindness blooms, hope will, too.

“We will get through this and there’s the little bulb at the end of the tunnel,” Koffman says.

Koffman’s first batch of wreath kits were sold out within 12 hours but she’s making more.