COVID-19 in Montana (Wednesday June 24)

COVID-19 in Montana (Wednesday June 24)
COVID-19 in Montana (Wednesday June 24)
Posted at 11:36 AM, Jun 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-24 13:49:11-04

State health officials reported 23 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, according to the Montana Response COVID-19 tracking map.

Missoula County added the most new cases with five. Yellowstone County added four, Gallatin County added three, and two new cases were reported in Big Horn County, Rosebud County, and Treasure County. The cases in Treasure County are the first reported in that county.

One new case each was reported in Cascade County, Custer County, Dawson County, Flathead County, and Richland County.

There are now 174 active cases in Montana, according to state health officials. There are 17 people hospitalized, an increase of two from the previous 24-hour reporting period. There has been a cumulative total of 93 hospitalizations. There has been a cumulative total of 571 recovered patients.

Big Horn County has the most active cases with 30, followed by Gallatin County with 29 and Yellowstone County with 22.

There have now been 75,066 tests performed, an increase of 1,143 in the last 24 hours.

The cumulative number of deaths is 21. There have been six deaths in Toole County, four in Yellowstone County, two in Cascade County, two in Flathead County, and two in Big Horn County. The other deaths have been reported in Gallatin, Lincoln, Madison, and Missoula counties.

There are currently nine active cases in Cascade County; the City-County Health Department in Great Falls believes that most of the new cases are community-acquired, and did not involve travel. There has been a cumulative total of 26 confirmed cases in Cascade County; two of the patients died. The CCHD says that as in all cases, the newly-identified patient is isolated and the CCHD is performing contact tracing. Anyone who comes up in their investigation as having been exposed will be contacted.

Free drive-through testing is available from Alluvion Health in the parking lot of the former Westgate Mall, located at 3rd Street NW. Click here for dates and times.

As with previous reporting of COVID-19 cases, the lack of specific information about cases - such as where a patient lives or works, or where the person may have traveled - has some people upset, but the disclosure of patient information is regulated at both the federal and the state level. Click here to read more about privacy regulations and what can/can't be released.

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Gender and Ages of New Cases

Big HornF20-29
Big HornF40-49

NOTE: MTN is reporting one fewer total case and one fewer recovered case due to a case in Jefferson County that local health authorities report involved a patient who was not in the state.. There is also a discrepancy between the number of cases in Gallatin County. State health officials report a total of 216 cases with 29 active case, while Gallatin County health officials report 219 total cases with 26 active cases.