Drive thru COVID-19 test site now open to all Missoula residents

Drive thru COVID-19 test site now open to all Missoula residents
Posted at 8:16 AM, Apr 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-15 18:41:12-04

All Missoula County residents are now welcome to utilize the drive-thru COVID-19 testing site at the fairgrounds.

Local health officials initially focused was on priority groups 1 and 2, but seeing as most of the people falling into those groups were already being tested by their own healthcare providers, the drive-thru testing site was opened to more in the community.

Anyone living in Missoula County who is having symptoms -- and any healthcare worker or first responder working in the county and showing symptoms -- now qualifies to use the drive-thru service with prior approval.

COVID-19 Incident Commander Cindy Farr said the drive-thru is running smoothly, and most people are in and out within 10 minutes. Right now their biggest obstacle is obtaining more testing supplies.

“The orders that we thought we were going to get at the end of last week got back-ordered and diverted to other areas of the country where they're seeing more cases,” said Farr. “We’re definitely still trying to get that supplies in a timely fashion.”

Farr said they currently have enough to test approximately 300 people.

Anyone showing symptoms -- a fever over 100.4, cough and trouble breathing -- should call (406) 258-4636 before going out to the Missoula County Fairgrounds to be tested.