Gallatin County officials acknowledge frustrations with vaccine sign-up process

Posted at 10:58 AM, Feb 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-10 12:58:39-05

GALLATIN COUNTY — Gallatin County continues to vaccinate residents as they move further into the 1B Phase.

It’s been several weeks since the county began vaccinations, and they’ve tried to make the sign-up process as easy as possible — but there have been many complaints that the current system has several problems.

Phase 1B offers the vaccine to people 70 and older, but the sign-up software the county uses can become lengthy for the seniors and many have expressed by the time they complete it, slots have been filled.

MTN News spoke with Mike Maltaverne, Gallatin County’s Covid-19 Response Incident Commander, who says they’re aware of the issues.

“There are limitations to this platform, if you will. We’re hearing those limitations. We’re letting the state know. We’re giving the state our feedback with Prep Mod, and so I hear it is lengthy and very frustrating,” Maltaverne said.

The software was recommended by the state, and Maltaverne believes other counties are having the same issues as well. He says residents should be patient and continue doing what they’ve been doing these last 11 months until they can receive the vaccine.