Montana State University receives approval to store and distribute COVID vaccine

Posted at 6:24 PM, Dec 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-20 14:39:10-05

BOZEMAN — Montana State University (MSU) is a staple in the Bozeman community, and now they’re looking to have an even bigger effect by becoming involved in the distribution of the vaccine for COVID-19.

“Montana State University has received approval from the CDC to be a vaccine distributor. MSU will be prepared to store those vaccines and eventually distribute them,” said Mike Becker, the spokesperson for MSU.

This leads to a reasonable question… distribute the vaccines to whom?

“Well, that’s a question that’s still being decided right now. When MSU does receive doses of the vaccine, you know, who gets those vaccines is still a matter of discussion and has yet to be decided,” Becker explained.

The university already had freezers capable of storing the vaccines at the needed temperature but they had to prove other qualifications as well.

“A redundant power supply, electrical wiring, and other requirements that make it safe to have the vaccine,” he said.

Of course, health care workers have received clearance to be vaccinated, but the federal government has not given the okay for students.

“MSU would of course like to be able to offer the vaccine to students. But again, we’re very early in the vaccine cycle and we’re some months away from any talk about whether students will be able to get on that priority list,” Becker said.

Becker says the upcoming semester will look a lot like this past semester for students. But the university is making a few changes.

“We’re also expanding the number of beds available for our quarantine and isolation housing as a precaution to make sure we’re prepared for any situation that could come up this spring,” he explained.

MSU is currently out for the semester and will resume classes January 11th, 2021.