Temperature checks, masks and plexiglass: MCPS considering re-opening details

Temperature checks, masks and plexiglass: MCPS considering re-opening details
Posted at 10:51 AM, Aug 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-04 12:51:14-04

While Missoula County Public School (MCPS) leaders try to iron out the finer details of a plan to re-open schools, they're being selective about what measures will provide protection, but also efficiency.

That means not every measure being used in other schools might be seen in Missoula.

While the district has settled on the plan to require masks for older students, additional steps to protect against COVID-19 spread are still being reviewed. That includes the select use of plexiglass barriers, and how to ensure social distancing with smaller busloads of students.

One measure some districts are using may not see widespread use in Missoula schools. This week, as classes open in Colorado, some districts are using temperature checks on all students when they arrive.
MCPS Superintendent Rob Watson says the district has been doing checks during summer programs, but he doesn't see that in the fall.

"We've been doing temperature checks as kids arrive. But that's a limited number of students. When you've got a school of 200 or 300 kids that can be very difficult to do," he explained.

"We will likely encourage that screening to happen at home. And then we'll monitor students during the school day. We may also do a temperature check after the first bell," Watson added."

The district is surveying all parents this week to try and get a better sense of how many students may be opting to continue distance learning, which will be a key piece of information as MCPS finalizes the re-opening plans.

Click here for more information on the MCPS COVID-19 plans.

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