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Woman burglarizes elderly Great Falls couple

Woman burglarizes elderly Great Falls couple
Ken and Dana Kirkmeyer
Lt. Tony Munkres of the GFPD
Posted at 10:26 PM, Aug 22, 2022

It was an ordinary night in mid-July that turned into a nightmare for a Great Falls couple who found out that their house was broken into and their car was stolen.

When Ken and Dana Kirkmeyer were headed for bed, they saw a light on in their dining room. When they went to turn it off, they instead found an unknown woman asleep in their recliner.

Ken said, "Dana came back and woke me up and I came out and she must have heard me come because she spooked and ran out the back door. I followed her close enough to make sure she had left. I did not know at the time that she was taking our car with her.”

Ken and Dana Kirkmeyer
Ken and Dana Kirkmeyer

Their garage now sits empty, with no car to fill up the space.

Dana said, “I mean, it's bad enough when you find out someone's been in your house.”

The woman was arrested by police but was released on bail - with Ken and Dana’s car still nowhere to be found.

Woman burglarizes elderly Great Falls couple
Woman burglarizes elderly Great Falls couple

Now without a car, and no way to locate it, the Kirkmeyers can only reflect on the events of the night, and help others prepare so they never have to go through the same ordeal.

Dana said, "Lock the door. I never wanted to go through this, and I never want to go through it again.”

Ken added, “And if someone's in your house, call the police.”

Lt. Tony Munkres of the GFPD echoed that: “Immediately call the police with any information that they can. If the person is asleep on the couch, you get a description of the person, and I wouldn't necessarily wake them up at that point.”

The stolen car is a 2013 Ford Focus with handicapped license plates. On the back of the car are two magnets - one says "I Love My Cat" and the other says: "My Kids Have 4 Paws."


We will update you if we get more information, including any donation drives created to help the couple.