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Great Falls man accused of assaulting a man with box-cutter

Posted at 2:50 PM, Aug 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-28 17:33:16-04

GREAT FALLS – Paul David Davison II has been charged one felony and one misdemeanor after he allegedly assaulted a man with a box-cutter. The incident happened at about 10 p.m. on Friday, August 24th.

A police officer on patrol on 2nd Street South saw two men standing face-to-face, and one man was holding on to the other man’s jacket. The officer said it appeared that the two men were in some sort of argument, so he approached them.

The officer saw the victim had a large laceration on his neck and “blood was pouring from the injury.” The officer gave the victim a pack of gauze to place on his wound, and ordered both men to the ground and called for backup and medical assistance.

Once more police officers arrived, one of the men – later identified as Davison – said that he thought the victim was going to hurt a woman (“Jane Doe”). The victim told police that he did not know what happened and had been blindsided by Davison.

Officers searched Davison’s pants and found two pocket knives, two syringes, and an orange-box-cutter. Davison, according to court documents, said that he heard the other man say something about a parking lot and he wanted to be sure that the man wasn’t going to hurt Jane Doe, and said that he never meant to hurt the man.

Davison was taken to the police station and interviewed. He told police that the woman that the victim was walking with was an “intimate friend” of his (Davison’s), and he thought he heard the other man say that he was taking the Jane Doe to a parking lot, and he thought the man was going to hurt her.

At that point, according to court documents, Davison took out his box-cutter and put it to the other man’s throat to scare him, and Davison said that he must have accidentally hit the button that releases the razor blade.

Davison told the officers that he uses the syringes to inject meth and prescription medication.

Police also talked to the victim at the Emergency Department. He told officers that he was walking the woman to another location so that she could charge her phone. He said that at that time, he “felt something on his neck and at first did not know what happened until (the police officer) arrived and told him to apply the gauze to his wound.”

The man told police that he felt something on his neck and initially thought that he had been Tased, and then remembers Davison grabbing his shirt and telling him to empty his pockets.

Davison has been charged with assault with a weapon (felony) and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia (misdemeanor).

Court documents do not indicate whether Davison has a criminal record.

Prosecutors requested that bond for Davison be set at $25,000.