DHI discusses plans for their programs and events in 2024

Posted at 5:14 PM, Nov 15, 2023

HELENA — On Wednesday, Downtown Helena Incorporated held a general membership meeting to discuss upcoming events, and plans for 2024.

DHI is a non-profit that works with business owners to put on events throughout the downtown area.

At a previous meeting, in October, DHI suspended events for the 2024 season. The decision to discontinue the events comes after the organization noted a lack of funding and community support. DHI said that its current operating model is not sustainable and plans to reevaluate and restructure the organization in the future.

In August of this year, the former operations director stepped down claiming difficulty in garnering support from the City of Helena, a faulty permit system, and resistance from the community.

The organization is hoping that Helena business and community members will take the events on themselves in the coming year.

“Different groups of people and businesses will work together to make sure those events go on. The only one that is up in the air, is how Alive at Five, or an alive concert series will shake out,” said Megan Helton, a DHI board member and Co-Owner of Stonetree Climbing Center. 

DHI is also exploring the idea of Downtown Helena Nuggets being sold at the Chamber of Commerce instead of directly by DHI.

“We’re exploring options with the Chamber of Commerce to keep our Nuggets program going through the holidays and potentially longer,” Helton said.

Nuggets are cash-for-cash bills that come in $10 and $25 denominations. You can use them at participating businesses around Downtown. Their purpose is to keep money in Downtown Helena.

DHI also took time on Wednesday to explore next year’s options for their memberships.

“We’re also looking at different options to keep our membership advocacy work alive, so whether that’s partnering again with the Chamber of Commerce or some other option,” Helton said.

On November 24 at 5:30, DHI will be holding the annual parade of lights, one of their last events for the time being.

“Today is the last day for floats to be registered for parade of lights, so that one way to get involved. We are still looking for volunteers for that event as well,” said Helton.