EHHS ceremoniously opens with ribbon cutting

Posted at 4:11 PM, Sep 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-01 19:41:06-04

EAST HELENA  — Though classes began at East Helena High School on Aug. 26, students, faculty, and administrators ceremoniously welcomed in the new era for the East Helena School District with a ribbon-cutting.

East Helena High school principal Dan Rispens said the first few days of classes were mostly spent meandering around the building, and that the overall feeling of finally opening the school has been surreal.

"It's a huge celebration. We're super excited. I think the kids are really excited to be here. The first couple days of school pretty much all I did was give kids tours of the new building," said Rispens. "So fun to see their faces and they see all these awesome spaces in this new facility that they get to go to school for the next several years. It's just been pretty amazing to be honest."

Rispens said now those inside the school are responsible for paving the way for future students, namely school traditions. Ella Pickett, a sophomore, said it's an honor to be a part of the class to help create them.

"It's kind of crazy being a part of a new school. It's super hard coming up with those traditions by our self because usually you just know what you're going to be doing next, but we have to come up with everything new," said Pickett.