Fifth-graders go to College to pursue Art

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Posted at 6:47 PM, Oct 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-06 20:48:47-04

HELENA — On Friday, October 6, fifth-graders from Bryant Elementary got a colorful lesson in Art at Helena College.

“Kids love color. So, tie-dying is all about color. They get really excited about it. It’s really bright, really explosive,” said Seth Roby Instructor of Art at Helena College.

First, fifth-graders got a quick lesson in color theory. They learned what primary colors are, how they mix to create secondary colors, and placed them on a color wheel.

These lessons bled into twisting, tying, and dying their very own Helena College T-shirts.

Helena College students and staff were there to help to students create different patterns, colors, and designs on their shirts.

For the past three years, about 50 Bryant Elementary students have been adopted as honorary Helena College students for the year.

Once a month, they visit the college to learn about a different subject and participate in a hands-on activity to accompany it.

“So, they’ll do exploration in science. Will have them in the biology and chemistry labs with our instructors in there. They’ll go over to the airport campus and experience all the trades. Wielding, aviation and, machining, automotive, fire and rescue services. They will do reading and library services with our libraries and our library. They’ll also do math. They’ll celebrate Pi Day,” Robyn Kiesling, the Executive Director of General Education and Transfer at Helena College said.

Since this is the third year of this program, Helena College faculty have already seen how much the kids enjoy these experiences.

“Today I had a great conversation with a little boy who loves chemistry, and he wants to be a scientist,” said Sandy Bauman, the Dean and CEO for Helena College.

The faculty also says it is important that kids experience all their different options and possible future career paths.

“Students understanding what they can aspire to, what things that they really like, “Roby said.

“Exposes the kids to a range of areas, disciplines, and industries. Things that they can explore for a career path in their future,” Bauman said.