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Jordan residents can return home; emergency crews still fighting fire

Posted at 6:56 PM, Sep 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-02 21:04:45-04

(6:49 pm) Garfield County DES says that Fire Incident Commander Dolbear and Sheriff Lammers have determined it is safe for Jordan residents to return after the fire skirted town. The fire is located roughly six miles south of Jordan.

They ask that people please stay off of Highway 200 in town to make room for emergency vehicles. Residents of the Cohagen area can not yet return until deemed clear.

They added: "At this time no additional fire resources are needed and we are VERY grateful for the help this far."

McCone Electric is working on replacing power poles and will restore power once the system is repaired. Line material and poles are heading to Jordan along with all of their crews.

(5:17 pm) From Garfield County DES: "Cohagen is requested to EVACUATE now per BLM. The fire is now crossing Highway 59 on the outskirts of Jordan. Do not attempt to travel south right now from Jordan. The only hwy open for safe travel is 200 west. We have both buildings on the north and south side of town under threat of fire. There is a head on collision at Hwy 59 miles marker 79.5. Custer ambulance is responding to injuries."

(4:45 pm) From Garfield County DES: "The fire is approaching Business Lane. All residents and business owners that have not already evacuated need to do so now."

(4:31 pm) From Garfield County DES: "Evacuation shelters are located at Fairview Hall in Brusett and the Petroleum County Courthouse. Western County residents wanting to help can message Katy Pierson. We will have immediate need for food and water out there. Garfield County health center has successfully evacuated all residents onto a bus away from town. Contact is Deb Long at (40)6 977-6105. School has successfully been evacuated and all students are accounted for and with family or emergency contacts."

(3:52 pm) Garfield County DES says that the town of Jordan is being evacuated. The agency posted on Facebook: "WE ARE EVACUATING TOWN NOW!!! All residents are to head West of town!!!!"

From the National Weather Service in Glasgow: "Jordan residents, please head west ASAP. The Fairview Hall at Brussett Road will be opened shortly as a gathering place, and the Sand Springs store is ready for people as well."

We will update you as we get more information.

(3:27 pm) The McCone County Sheriff's Office says that Highway 200 from Brockway to Jordan has been closed due to the fire.

The Sheriff's Office said at about 3:15 p.m. on Wednesday that the fire in Garfield County has jumped Highway 200, and the Montana Highway Patrol has closed the road from Brockway to Jordan. They ask that drivers avoid the area as "fire guys" are working to get it under control.

The fire reportedly began as a burning project on farmland by a property owner Wednesday morning, but it started moving east and jumped Hell Creek Road.

(2:47 pm) Garfield County DES: "The fire has jumped the Haxby Road And running east. At 3 PM, US National Weather Service Glasgow Montana Is predicting a very strong cold front to arrive adding even more wind to already erratic fire behavior. It is essential that you use radios or phone communication to tie in to other landowners and responders on the fire so that others know your location. Landowners and residences on the eastern side of the county need to be prepared now!"

(1:23 pm) the Garfield County Disaster & Emergency Services agency said: "The fire north west of town is now burning out of control and headed east. It has now jumped the Hell Creek Road. All county engines and pumpers are requested. BLM is assembling a crew near the Hell Creek Road. An aid call has also gone out to Miles City with engines on the way. This fire is currently wind driven and we cannot repeat enough times DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BE AHEAD OF IT!"