Fireworks stands open as Montanans prep for July 4th

Posted at 5:18 PM, Jul 03, 2024

HELENA — Folks throughout Montana have been visiting fireworks stands in preparation for July 4th.

“It’s really fun to see everybody come in all excited for all of our different fireworks that we sell,” says Will Fields, Bomber Brothers Employee.

Bomber Brothers Fireworks is a local fireworks stand that has 3 locations including at the Grub Stake, at Dave’s Exxon, and on the corner of Joslyn Street and Euclid Avenue. Will Fields and his cousin Sean, the sons of the Bomber Brothers, were working the Joslyn Street location on the day before the holiday.

“In comparison to last year, last year we actually were slightly busier throughout the whole year, but we’re catching up to how we were doing last year,” says Will.

The busiest days are the days closest to the holiday, July 4th itself included. Surprisingly, the most popular fireworks are not the Roman candles or mortars. The more novelty items such as sparklers, snakes, and smoke bombs sell the most, says Fields. He chalks this up to family-friendliness.

“Lots of those mortars and things can be less inclusive towards like children and families. While all of the smaller novelty items will allow them to have fun with fireworks, as well,” says Will.

The most expensive sale Fields has ever seen at the stand was around $3,000. Burt Davis had already spent quite a bit on the holiday when MTN spoke with him after he made a purchase on Wednesday.

“I mean, I’ve got like maybe $300.00. So, I’ll light off a pretty good amount,” says Davis.

Bomber Brothers will be open on July 4th for all those still looking to purchase supplies the day of.

And a friendly reminder to be safe, have water nearby, and that fireworks are not permitted within the Helena city limits.