Flood insurance tips

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Posted at 5:01 PM, Jun 14, 2022

HELENA — For many across our state, the damage done by flood waters has become all too real this week. Commissioner of Securities and Insurance and State Auditor Troy Downing has advice for those who will soon be filing insurance claims as part of their recovery.

“Our hearts are really out for the victims of this, this is horrible to be displaced like this. You know, the stuff that we're seeing on the news and the videos and the pictures, it's just, it's just horrible,” says Downing.

Downing shared with MTN some important tips for those dealing with flood damage to their home.

It’s important for those with flood insurance to reach out to their insurance company as soon as possible, keep their receipts from expenditures due to the flooding, and document their losses by creating an inventory and utilizing photos from before and after.

Downing went on to say that even if you don’t have flood insurance, it can be important to take those steps, as well. Keeping track of the damage can help you down the line. Certain loans such as an SBA loan may become available to those affected by the exceptionally high waters.

Additionally, those with National Flood Insurance Program policies are eligible to receive up to $1,000 to buy loss avoidance supplies such as sandbags and tarps.

“I wish I had some better news for you. I mean, this is, unfortunately, a pretty bad situation and we're just trying to make sure that people understand, you know, what they can do to get the, you know, the best results out of a bad situation,” says Downing.

The Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Office say they are available to answer questions and concerns through their website.